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Our dedicated servers: 

Here at reach, we are able to guarantee uptime of your website thanks the following state of the art hosting solutions:

  • Multiple interconnected routers providing advanced routing redundancy.
  • Dual-processor Xeon based servers.
  • An enterprise vendor storage array with redundant power, redundant containers and multi-path fibre channel connectivity.
  • A vSphere VMware management platform to allow us to switch your virtual server to another physical server in the unlikely event of an issue. This happens instantly, so there’s no noticeable downtime for you or your customers.
  • The hosted environment is secured using VLANs and firewalled zones to securely isolate our systems. Intrusion prevention services (IPS) are provided for standard internet ports (HTTP and HTTPS) as well as other customer firewall rules.
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You can relax when it comes to your website hosting, we will take care of that for you leaving you to focus on other areas of your business.

Website page loading time is a major factor for improving your SEO score. Google will reward websites that have fast loading speeds, thus improving your ranking and pushing you higher for your search terms.

Our hosting solutions guarantee fast web page loading speeds. 

Speak to us today. We’ll talk you through all your options. We’ll advise you on what the best solution is for your type of website.

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