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Magento is the world's leading platform for ecommerce website development

What is Magento?

Magento is the open source ecommerce software, used to design and develop responsive, scalable and high performance websites. Whatever the size of your operation, if the primary function of your website is ecommerce, we would recommend a Magento solution – it is the industry leader for a reason. There is already a diverse and extensive library of features which you can incorporate into your website – these are prebuilt and just need to be customised to your brand personality, so the time taken to develop them is minimal.

Plus, the recent update of Magento2 has made sites on this platform even quicker to load, easier to use and more secure than ever before.

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Why Choose eCommerce?

Magento: Features of Your new Website

Magento takes care of your entire website and ecommerce operation. Features include…

  • Responsive design – giving customers a great experince on desktop, mobile and tablet.
  • Full customisation – your site will be unique to you and your brand
  • A quick check-out process – to reduce bask abandonment
  • Customer loyalty incentives – so you can reward your biggest spenders
  • Analytics – to give an insight into your customers’ buying habits, helping you increase conversion
  • In-built SEO – to make your site easy to find
  • Third-party integrations – connecting to your email service provider, payment systems or order management systems.
  • Extensive delivery options – tailor your pricing options according to distance and weight

We are the Magento developer of choice.

Reach can offer Magento 2 website development too, so if you are looking to take advantage of the advanced features the newest version has to offer, you’re in the right place.

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